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Converting your attic is a cost effective way to increase the living space in your home.

Can all attics be converted?

Most can, it depends on the structure of the original building.

Do I need planning permission to extend my attic?

Most jobs don't, however there are some cases where permission is needed, such as when the conversion includes dormer windows or if there are velux windows front or side of the property. Velux windows on the rear do not require permission.

How much does an attic conversion cost?

The price will vary based on many factors one of the main ones being access to the attic and if a new stairs has to be provided.

Do I need an architect?

It's not essential for a simple renovation or small extension, but for any significant work you would need an architect to draw plans and certify the construction is up to reguilation on completion. This will give you peace of mind and a recognised added value when it comes to selling your property down the line.

Can I add a bathroom in the attic?

Yes you can. We've put many bathrooms to attics. One thing you should consider is head room and the height of the roof/ceiling relative to the bathroom facilities (shower or bath).

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