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Extend your kitchen or add a bedroom with Eco Team Dublin.

What are the benefits of extending or renovating your house?

Perhaps one of the biggest driving forces in the increase in home extensions and renovations in Ireland since the recession, is the added value an extension will provide to a house. With many people are unable to upgrade from their starter home due to the unforeseen consequences of the downturn, people are moving less and are instead adding space and value to their homes. Spending twenty thousand euro on a home extension or renovation today could add fourty thousand to the sale price of your house in a few years time.

Do I need planning permission to extend my house?

Not necessarily! The current building regulations state that you can add up to 40 square metres to your home without having to go through the planning process. There are some cavaets of course. You can add a front porch up to 2 square metres, which you then subtract from the 40 square metre total, leaving 38 to add elsewhere in the house. You can have a two story extension to the rear of the property (with a maximum 12 square metres upstairs) as long as the rear and side facing windows are a certain distance from your neighbours boundary. You should always check with your local planning office prior to starting any building project.

How much does an extension cost?

Obviously the size and dimensions and layout and materials used will determine the overall price, but a good starting point for a significant home extension is around twenty thousand euro.

Do I need an architect?

It's not essential for a simple renovation or small extension, but for any significant work you would need an architect to draw plans and certify the construction is up to reguilation on completion. This will give you peace of mind and a recognised added value when it comes to selling your property down the line.

Can I add a downstairs bathroom?

Yes you can. We've added many downstairs bathrooms to existing houses in a variety of places. Many people attach them to a new front porch, utilize the room under the stairs or add a new space in an extension for a downstairs bathroom. New plumbing technology allows for water and soil pipes to be laid easily with minimum disruption allowing for faster completion.

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